by Davide Petucco translated by Gillian Shaw (source text)

Welcome back to my blog about our beloved world of cycling.

how-to-fix-lower-back-pain-from-cycling-300x224Often the thing that is missing from being able to achieve your best and reach your goals on the bike, is motivation.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to increase your motivation.

I have put together a list of 8 simple but effective ways of finding the right motivation just when you are feeling low on energy.

1 Set short-term goals. 

Each and every training event should have a specific objective. Objectives are the best source of motivation available.

2 Vary your training type.

Alternate rides focussed on resistance training with shorter ones to improve you anaerobic threshold and power.

3 Get changed as soon as you get in from work.

Get your gear on and go! Don’t let the sofa tempt you or it will be even more difficult to get out of the door to go training.

4 Discover new routes.

Don’t keep doing the same routes near your home, find new routes and go down roads you don’t know; you could even get lost as a way of finding new, interesting and motivating routes.

5 Log your times.

If you do the same ascent regularly, use a stopwatch to monitor your improvements from week to week. You’ll see that you’re constantly improving, even a few seconds will give you an incredible boost.

6 Alternate rides on your own and with companions. 

In the long run, training alone can be boring and result in de-motivation. Find a companion to join you, so you can have fun and challenge each other. Be careful though, to maintain the focus on the training programme – when you are in a group you can’t always be in control of the kind of ride or the pace. So my advice would be to plan a ride once a week with a companion and the other days focus on your own training plan.

7 Reward yourself occasionally. 

It certainly won’t make you any faster, but a new pair of wheels, shoes or a helmet can increase your enthusiasm. But you don’t need to spend too much – sometimes just a new jersey, a pair of sleeves or gloves, or changing your handle tape can give you the motivation you need.

8 Feed your mind. 

To find the right level of motivation to do your best, it is useful to feed your mind with positive, inspiring images. Have a look at:

  • video clips – YouTube has plenty of inspiring clips like pro race finishes.
  • magazines – I read CicloTurismo and BiciSport but there are plenty of good quality magazines out there
  • books – there are so many books about cycling in all its forms, but of all the manuals on training theory I can recommend my friend and associate Piero Fischi ‘Ciclismo. Alenamento e alimentazione (Manuali della bicicletta)’, tr:Cycling. Training and nutrition (Cycling Manuals).
    If you’d rather read something to give you some motivation I can advise the book ‘In salita controvento’ tr:Ascents into the wind by Ivan Basso, the undisputed champion who has made mistakes but who knew how to get back to the highest levels of the sport and into fans hearts.
  • websites and blogs – there are fantastic websites and blogs out there on the web, some focussed on the news of professional cyclists, others centred on the technical and still others on training advice.
    For my part on this blog, I try to provide resources, tools, practical advice and sources of motivation to best enjoy our passion. I wish that was the blog of all fans, not only mine, so if you’d like to visit it from time to time and leave a comment giving me tips on topics that interest you the most, I’ll be happy.

Now do you think you are motivated enough to become the best cyclist you can, with the time you have available?

If your reply is an enthusiastic YES! then we are on the same wavelength.

Remember, only if you really want to you can achieve all your goals, and I shall never tire of saying it (mostly to myself).

Now all that you need to do is pedal towards your goals.

“If life is a journey, I am cycling it!”


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