The story of how Roberto Zorcolo defied his doctors and fought to overcome his chronic asthma to become an Ironman. The entry below is an excerpt from his book followed by his bio taken from his blog. I have translated his book into English – it is awaiting publicatibook coveron.

The short run was manageable, but an asthma attack wasn’t far away. I had covered about 200 metres – better than the first time – now I had to do the 200 metres to get back, making a total distance of almost half a kilometre. Half a kilometre…who would’ve ever thought it? My heart was fit to burst with pride.
???? I started to practice sport and look after my body, my mental health and my illness. By starting with short distances that would turn into kilometre after kilometre…  Anything is possible as you can see on my page. This photo and short extract are from my book. It can encourage you and help you understand that you move forwards by taking small steps, whatever your goal is. ????… Head, Heart, Legs – never give up…” (Anything is Possible, La Zattera 2016)

Roberto’s blog page About Me:

For 35 years, I battled with a serious breathing condition – allergic bronchial asthma – along with pulmonary emphysema just to add to it. During those 35 years, I’d never had the chance to take part in sport, play hide-and-seek with my friends, play football in the park, swim or ride a bike. When I did try, I was immediately rewarded with a stay at the Cagliari Hospital-Hotel. But all of this, never made me weaker. In fact, all this made me more energy and desire to be liberated from it. My story about this is told in my first book Anything is PossibleSport over Asthma. This energy gave me the chance to experience sport and to then reach the goals I have set myself. Boxing, running, cycling, swimming and much more, until I became an Ironman. Until I could believe in myself, by overcoming my fears and learning to live with my condition – and that lives with me today when I travel and go on adventures.

A while ago, I decided to create a Facebook page. And now I have this blog, to tell you about the determination and motivation needed to get to certain goals. On this sporting quest and in life, I’ve had the good fortune to have met so many people with the same passion as me. And to compete alongside them. Doing this has reinforced the idea of moving the project forwards that has involved them all as they have become an integral part of this book, Anything is Possible. This is my page, my blog, my story. But if you want to replace the word asthma with whatever limitation or difficulty that poses a problem for your, it will become your story too. Read one of my two autobiographical books if you want to or you’re interested. I’m not telling stories about miracles – nor can I hand them out or even see them – but an honest, sincere experience. Perhaps it will be enough to inspire you on your own project to move you forwards too. 🙂

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