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How food tastes is critical to how we enjoy life. Not only is it connected to […]
Almost a year ago, I embarked on the International Institute for Chocolate and Cacao Tasting (IICCT) […]
Challenge What a great idea! Susie Jackson from the ITI Food & Drink network came up […]
About three months ago, I embarked on what was to prove to be a whole new […]
Located in the heart of Chianti, this business dates back to 1427. And after it was […]
meeting people
The need to make connections Meeting people and making connections is a basic human need. And […]
Article from Rowing Sicilia covering the interview with Antionio Spataro, CMO to the Italian Rowing Association. He gives advice on safe training while keeping well during the coronavirus outbreak.
The story of how Roberto Zorcolo defied his doctors and fought to overcome his chronic asthma to become an Ironman. The entry below is an excerpt from his book followed by his bio taken from his blog. I have translated his book into English - it is awaiting publicatibook coveron.
'I face the window and look out. I try to hold on the hope that the distant break in the clouds has cut through the dense nebulous gloom, heavy with rain. Will the weather change? In a few hours? Maybe. But we can’t hang around. Morning training is looming. We have to be moving by 8...'
by Giuliano Spingardi (translated by Gillian Shaw from the source) A few days ago, Maurizio Ustolin, […]

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